How We Make a Difference!

The Five Steps to Freedom!

                A simple plan was developed and promoted by another leader in the MRO (Motorcycle Right Organization) movement several years back. His name was Sputnik of the Texas Motorcycle Riders Assoc. II. This plan has been a guiding principle for this and similar organizations.

  1. Register to Vote!!! You cannot make a difference if your voice is not heard at the ballot box.
  2. Contact your elected officials! Whether you write, call, email or see them in person. They are just regular folks just like anyone. Many of your state and local officials have regular 9-5 jobs but take time off or spend their spare time working as elected officials. Getting to know them and they knowing you will only help. However always keep communications on a professional basis and stick to the issues and never attack a politician personally. You never want to make an enemy unless you mean too.
  3. Work in a campaign!! If you want to gain access to an elected official work in their campaign. They need tons of volunteers to help run their campaign. Someone that can donate time to help with phones, mailings, yard signs, etc... is more sought after than the guy with the biggest checkbook in the room.
  4. Become involved in the political parties!!! It doesn’t matter which one you choose but get involved in the party of your choice. The KMA/KBA is a non-partisan group with supporters from both parties.  They are always in need of volunteers. Once again the biggest checkbook is NOT the most important thing. This way you will meet and network with the movers and shakers within the party. You may even be asked to become a party mover and shaker yourself.
  5. The final step, RUN for Office. You now know how the system works from the inside out. You have been a lobbyist/activist by writing letters, you have worked in a campaign and learned how they operate and then met the movers and shakers within your party that can help with other aspects of the campaign. Now is the time to run for and get elected to office yourself. This is the only way to insure our freedoms. To make sure freedom loving individuals get elected. Who better exemplifies that than motorcyclists.