Kentucky Motorcycle Association

Dedicated to protecting the rights of ALL Kentucky Motorcyclists

                The Kentucky Motorcycle Association was formed in 1982 under the name of the Kentucky Bikers Assoc. The name was later changed to the Kentucky Motorcycle Association / K.B.A. to be more inclusive of all riders both on and off road.  Since that time the KMA/KBA has become the premier grassroots lobbying force in Kentucky on issues regarding motorcyclist.  Through the efforts of our members we have been able to effect elections and bills moving through the KY Legislature and the US Congress. Some of the more notable accomplishments:

·         Lobbying for the legislation that created the Rider Ed program here in KY in 1992.

·         Sponsored legislation to make the Rider-ED program free to under 18 riders.

·         Changing the mandatory helmet law in KY for riders over 21.

·         Eliminating the VET (vehicle emissions testing ) for motorcycles and helped other groups to eliminate testing for all vehicles.

·         Established 3 Commissions within the state to promote motorcycle safety and access: Motorcycle Safety and Education Commission dealing with rider-ed programs and awareness of the general public. Motorcycle Highway Safety Commission dealing with road design and construction. The KRTA (KY Recreational Trail Authority) dealing with off road issues.

·         Crafted legislation to bring motorcyclists access to more types of insurance at an affordable price.

·         Last but not least defeated multiple pieces of legislation that would have adversely affected motorcyclists.

·         Work with state and local officials to promote May as Motorcycle Awareness Month throughout the state.