The organization is set up along 3 basic levels.

  1. The primary is the State Office which helps to oversee and coordinate all operations of the corporation. The State Office tracks memberships, files all appropriate corporate paperwork and in general acts as any headquarters of a major corporation. It consist of 4 elected officers who serve 2 year terms. They are elected by the board of directors and consist of the State President, Vice President of Membership, Vice President of Legislative Affairs and the State Treasurer. A number of other individuals help out at the state level as well and serve in appointed positions. These include but are not limited to the State Secretary, State Sergeant at Arms, Products Coordinator, Webmaster, Newsletter Editor, Veterans Affairs and more.
  2. The bulk of the orgainzation and where most of the activity takes place is at the District Level. Districts consist of 5 elected officers the Director, Vice Director, Treasurer, Secretary and Sergeant at Arms. The Director and Vice Director also serve as members of the Board of Directors and are the only offices which require you to be a resident of KY besides the State President.These are the branch offices of the corporation in various parts of the state. It is at the District level in which we organize efforts to help work in local political campaigns, organize fund raising events and through monthly meetings help disseminate information and discuss the events and news in the motorcycle community. Originally these were set up along U.S. Congressional District boundaries but due to size of these were decreased to include typically 3-6 counties in a given area. Thus allowing members to be able to attend a meeting hopefuly within about a 50 mile radius of their home. This is not always the case especially in the more rural areas of the state but we are always looking for groups of individuals who would like to be more involved and start a chapter in their area. 
  3. Chapters are the method in which we help to grow the organization. When a new area is looking to expand we start the group off as a chapter. We link the chapter with an existing district who can help to support the efforts of the chapter and to provide assistance during the growing pains of a startup group. If you are interested in getting agroup together in your area please contact the State President at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.