The Kentucky Motorcycle Association works close with lawmakers in Frankfort and Washington DC to focus on laws that pertain to and influence motorcycle riders across the state.  Our actions and decisions are formed by options and viewpoints of our members across the state.  By being a member of KMA, your voice will be represented in decisions and actions taken by the Political Action Committee.

In 1968, the Commonwealth of Kentucky enacted a motorcycle helmet law for all riders across the state.  After many years and hours of diligent work by the KMA with numerous lawmakers, in 1998 this law was amended to only include motorcyclist and passengers under the age of 21, motorcyclist with instructional permits and motorcyclist who have had a license less than one year.  Thus freeing experienced motorcyclist the freedom to choose if they want to wear a helmet.

More and more area's in Kentucky are incorporate weight sensors to trigger stop lights, a problem that many motorcyclist have learned with excessive waits at traffic lights.  Due to the weight needed to trigger these weight sensors, most motorcycles will not cause the traffic light to change, leaving the motorcyclist in a vulnerable predicament.  KMA recognized this problem and worked with law makers, and in 2015 we saw Governor Beshear sign "red light law", stating that if motorcycles come to a complete stop at a red light, wait 2 minutes and clear the right of way, can legally proceed through the light without a violation.

KMA had had a huge impact on numerous laws and repeal of bills that effect motorcyclist.  KMA represents anyone who rides a cycle, from cruisers to crotch rockets to dirt bikes and more!  For more information contact your local district director or feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


In 2012 the Kentucky Motorcycle Association in cooperation with state law enforcement began the Share the Road Foundation.  SRF has placed road signs all across the state to remind people to be vigilantly aware of motorcycles.  Also incorporated the "Look Twice Save A Life" campaign.  These among numerous other campaigns to help educate drivers and riders of motorcycle saftey. 

Each year, the Kentucky Motorcycle Association along with law makers hosts "Junior Legislative Day" in Frankfort.  Young people are allowed access to the State Capitol and given honorary status on the legislative floor for the day.  This unique experiences allow our youth a sneak peak at the inner workings of law makers and legislative sessions at the state level.