The Kentucky Motorcycle Association is a non affiliated group of motorcycle enthusiast!  Since we are not an MC (Motorcycle Club) or an RC (Riding Club), we can and do stand for ALL motorcyclist across the state.  Regardless of what group you are a member of or what kind of cycle you ride, you are welcome to join, participate in and be a part of the Kentucky Motorcycle Association.  The ONLY requirement to being a member is a yearly membership due of $20 and a passion of motorcycles or motorcyclist.

In January of each year, the Kentucky Motorcycle Association hosts the annual Freedom Fighters Forum.  Motorcycle enthusiasts from across the state gather for a weekend of networking, fellowship and information gathering.  This conference presents law makers and representatives from across the state and from the federal level presenting viewpoints and information on issues that pertain to motorcycles and motorcyclists.  Presentations on safety and rider precautions and education are also presented during the conference.


 When districts aren't dealing with politics and regulations on motorcycles, we spend a lot of time working with local charities and benefits for local needs along with general fun rides.  Last year, state wide, KMA hosted over 100 poker style rides to raise moneys for individuals and organizations that benefit our communities.