The executive level of the Kentucky Motorcycle Association/ K.B.A., Inc. reserves the right to refuse the membership dues of any person but this refusal must be explained and approved at the following board of directors meeting.


  • Memberships in the state office
  1. Once the membership form is received at the state office the membership and payment are recorded on a hand written log. This log record is mailed to the State Treasurer and the white membership forms are sent to the Vice President of Membership.
  2. The State Treasurer confirms correct payment for the membership or merchandise from either the individual or the district/chapter.
  3. He/she then records receipt of those memberships and or merchandise payments.
  4. He/she shall also make a record of the district/chapter portion of the direct memberships, which shall be reimbursed on a yearly basis?
  5. What happens when the Vice President of Membership receives the white copy?
  6. He/she shall process the membership and mail the membership card with all appropriate materials within 7-10 working days of receipt. (Exceptions may be after the State Party and other major events when an excessive number of memberships come in.)
  7. He/she shall keep the white copy as a hard record in case of any questions. These forms shall be kept for a period of no less than 2 years. The exception being a life membership, which shall be kept on permanent record.


  • Direct Memberships
  1. All direct memberships should be sent to the State office along with a check/money order.
  2. Direct membership forms can come from the newsletter, renewal cards, flyers, tri-folds, etc.
  3. See item I. for the remainder of the process.


  • Memberships from Districts/Chapters
  1. All triple copy membership forms are to remain in the possession of an officer of the organization.
  2. If someone requests a membership form to take with him or her, please give him or her a direct membership form. (photocopy or brochure)
  3. White copy
  4. Shall go to the District/Chapter Treasurer along with the full payment for that membership.
  5. He/she shall then forward the white copy(s) along with a check for the full amount of the membership(s)/merchandise, as prescribed in the bylaws, to the State office. This shall be done a minimum of once a month after the monthly meeting and should be done after all events.
  6. See item I. for the remainder of the process.
  7. Yellow Copy
  8. The District/Chapter Secretary shall receive this copy as a hard record to resolve any questions that may arise.
  9. He/she shall keep this record on file for a period of no less than 2 years with the exception of life memberships, which shall be kept indefinitely.
  10. Pink Copy
  11. Shall be given to the person who signed up for their records and to act as a temporary card until such time as their membership can be processed. Should any questions arise this shall be considered their proof of purchase.


  • Sign up Locations
  1. Shall receive direct membership forms only. (exception if an officer were to work at the establishment)
  2. Shall forward all membership dues collected and forms to the state office or should encourage the prospective member to do so themselves.


  • Membership Forms
  1. The State Office shall produce membership forms and only those forms shall be recognized for membership into the organization.
  2. Photocopies of this form may be used as a direct membership form.


  • Problems/Questions
  1. Who keeps what portions of the membership fee and merchandise sales?
  2. The amounts to go to the State office are prescribed in the bylaws. The remaining amount should be kept by the district/chapter that signed up the member. On direct memberships the non-State portion is given to the district/chapter from which the member resides.
  3. I have not received my membership card yet.
  4. It takes approximately 7-10 working days to process a membership once it is received at the State office, with the exception being after a major event. Keep in mind that the district/chapter sends memberships in at least once a month so you may be on the end of a cycle. In the case of a direct membership, be sure that the address was correct that you mailed it to and always put a return address on it just in case something goes wrong.
  5. I am not getting my newsletter.
  6. Check with your District Secretary or Director to see how your information appears on our mailing list. If all this information is correct then check with your local postmaster and tell them that you newsletter is being lost. He/she should be able to help correct the problem. If our information is incorrect please see the section concerning a change of address.
  7. Change of address.
  8. Should your address change or our information is inaccurate please do one of the following.
  9. Contact your district/chapter secretary. They will fill out a new membership form and submit it to the State office. In the area on the left of the form they shall write “Address Change”.
  10. Ask the person to fill out a direct membership form, make a note on it that it is a change of address and mail it to the State Office attention to the Vice President of Membership.
  11. I was a member and I would like to have my old number back.
  12. Have the applicant fill in the area ‘Have you ever been a KMA Member’ as yes and also fill in the ‘Card #’ section. Otherwise we cannot guarantee we will be able to issue their previous number.
  13. I DO NOT want my membership dues used by the PAC Fund.
  14. The individual who filled out the form must write on the form “NO PAC” or something similar. It MUST be in that person’s handwriting or will not be honored if another individual has added to the form. The form is a contract and cannot be changed by anyone other than the signee.

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