1. Plan Ahead
  2. Most failures are due to poor planning.
  3. Plan 6 months in advance.
  4. Plan advertising to be done.


  1. Don’t take off on first idea
  2. All pros and cons should be discussed.
  3. Any competing events.
  4. Money to cover costs, etc.


III.  Don’t get too ambitious

  1. Only a limited number of weekends.
  2. Too many events cause burned out members.
  3. Too far (to event) can turn members off.


  1. Select proper chairperson
  2. This person can make or break an event.
  3. Must have drive, enthusiasm, and diplomacy.
  4. Must be able to keep people working together and happy.
  5. Decides what subcommittees are needed.
  6. All should be aware of the whole plan.
  7. Checklist should be used. (Don’t rely on memory)


  1. Plan a budget
  2. All projected income and expense on paper.
  3. How many people are expected?
  4. What should the cost be. (Don’t scare people away)
  5. Use suppliers that will bill you after the event.
  6. Compare prices.


  1. Advertise
  2. People need to know what’s happening.
  3. Print flyers early.
  4. Place them in motorcycle shops, grocery stores, laundry mats, taverns, parts stores, etc.
  5. Make sure flyer has complete information
  6. Date, time, place, directions, prices, events.
  7. Don’t assume people know about the event.


  • Delegate the workload
  1. Make a list of the jobs.
  2. Arrange them in shifts.
  3. Give everyone some time to kick back.


  • Attitude is ALL IMPORTANT
  1. Positive attitude will create a successful event.
  2. Workers and sponsors must believe in the event.
  3. Put your best foot forward.
  4. Thank people for coming.
  5. Please and thank you are the most important words.
  6. No drill sergeants.


  1. Give people their money’s worth
  2. Charge fair and reasonable admission.
  3. Be reasonable on food and beer.
  4. Higher gate fees, that include freebies, tend to scare people away.
  5. Freebies tend to cause extra cleanup work.


  1. Remember the details
  2. Use a checklist.
  3. Anticipate problems.
  4. Have plenty of supplies.
  5. Have two people in charge of money and paying bills.
  6. Get receipts.
  7. Pay by check




Need List for Runs


  1. Change for Sign-up gate
  2. Change for food sales
  3. Release forms
  4. Maps & directions For route
  5. Cards & sacks for al stops
  6. Plenty of pens
  7. Extra paper
  8. Tables & Chairs
  9. Gifts & Prizes
  10. Clipboards
  11. Supplies for end of run (50150 tickets, etc.)
  12. All supplies needed for any special events (cones, liner, )




Make sure you get all your supplies a week before the run. Do not expect to get the stuff the Saturday before the run. The merchants may be closed or out of what you need.


Let people who are assigned their jobs, do them. You decide what you will do and assign others to any other problems that might arise. Don't be afraid to ask for help. We are all a team working together for the same cause.


Do not get wasted out of your mind the night before. It just makes it for a long miserable day.


DO NOT; do not get wasted out of your mind the day of the run. You are handling money and wanting to show a professional image.


 Never leave your start or your check points early, wait ten minutes. · There are always a few who are late and we need their support also.



Flyer Information


Please follow the "Who, What, Why, Where, and When" Rule.

  • Price
  • Date & Time
  • Location
  • Type of Event (Poker Run, Field Events, Music) anything special.
  • Prizes to be given away (cash, helmets, trophies, etc.)
  • Food or Drink availability (BYOB) - Not recommended supplying beer at events.
  • Who's putting on the event (District, Chapter, etc.)
  • Any information pertaining to the event (2nd Annual, etc.)
  • Map of Location (Starting point and ending point)
  • Have a phone number for more information.


Flyers need to be ready 90 days before event.

You must have a professional flyer, not a rush job.

These flyers should not be hand written.

When possible have someone with the tools and skills to do a professional job.

The State Office will assist when necessary in creating the flyers. 

Mail/Fax the information into the office at least 4 months prior to the event.

Remember this is the first impression of your run.


Hints on Runs

Have your gates/check points close at certain times and post these times on the flyers/maps. This will let the people working know when they can leave and also the people on the run can't complain if they don't get there on time.


Run your events rain or shine.




Download Event Planning